ARENA is proud to have made a difference, to have been able to contribute to the well being, safety  in life  or death situations of so many brave men and woman in our military, tactical and law  enforcement  communities.  Here are a few of their stories:

Arena Flakjak Combat Proven

 Special Forces

Arena Flakjak has been the goggle of choice for special operations, extreme conditions and missions for performance, protection durability and comfort.

Ive worn your Flakjak goggle for a yr Including Fallujah.  Very durable, comfortable and protected my eyesight on many occasions.  They are the best full shield eye protection I've ever used. SGT. P. Conway

They never leave my eyes, I wouldn't wear anything else.  Only goggles I've ever used that don't fog.
PVT M. Hengel

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I love the Flakjak, they are amazing!  I wear them in the turret night and day. Comfortable even when I wear my NVG, have great visibility and never fog up.  I know you are looking for some constructive criticism, but I have no complaints 
Thanks for your support!  J. Delguidice

Ventilation works great, very comfortable, I wear them all the time.  
SGT. J. Mckinney

Super comfortable, vents really do work, the goggles never fog,  in or out of a vehicle.   I really like them more than the ones we got issued.   SGT M. Rolley

Goggles are great, friends in the unit are always asking me about them!  SGT. M. Carson

Militaries from around the world have benefitted from issuing the Arena Flakjak goggle so their militaries can benefit from Arena's Superior features.

Military features and technologies work perfectly and are extremely popular with airsoft and other tactical recreation sports.

Worn by men and women in all branches of the military, in law enforcement and civilians who demad the best protection for their eyes.

This picture was taken during the battle of Fallujah.  I was wounded in battle, but my eyes were always safe.  Thank you ARENA for your support.  SGT.  Jonnson