The Most Advanced Tactical Ballistic Goggles 

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When your life may depend on what you see.  The Arena Flakjak Goggle is the leader in ballistic fragmentation eye protection, is US Army APEL tested and approved for conducting military combat operations.  The Flakjak goggle was designed to provide superior protection during all combat, military and tactical operations.   We serve those who fight for and serve our country, our liberties and our freedom.  Don't settle for less that the best - Arena Tactical.

ARENA Flakjak V2: Most advanced military, tactical, law enforcement goggle available.   US Army APEL tested and approved for all military activity and combat operations. Flakjak is the standard in combat eye protection.   

ARENA Mozambik and Stealth: Military inspired and designed ballistic goggles with extended field of vision and lower profile. Simunitions and recreational ballistic airsoft applications.  






Authorized Product Eyewear List (APEL)

Arena NSN's

ARENA Goggle Features

Optics: Optiwide lens geometry that bends our nearly optically perfect lens past peripheral limits for the widest field of optically clear vision available.
Ballistics: High-impact lenses exceed ANSI Z87.1-2010, EN 166 and U.S. military ballistic impact requirements for goggles MIL-PRF-32432, clause  High impact nylon anti-fog vents re-enforce our frame providing ballistic stability to the lens. Lens test requirements: .22 caliber projectile fried at 550 ft/sec.  Successfully tested to 750 ft/sec.
Anti-Fog: The Arena anti-fog system is the premier anti-fog system available.  Our patented Razorback air flow venting technolgy clears warm air with outside air to prevent fogging, while blocking particulants and moisture from entering the lens. 

Fit / Comfort: Our 360 degree buckle and strap system provides the most versatile fit on any helmet platform.  Our double layer VS foam is designed for comfort and completes our clear vision system by wicking moisture away blocking it from the inner lens.
Durabillity: Sourcing the best components and materials for a design focused entirely on protection not coprorate profit, the Flakjak out lasts, outperforms and provides more value than any product available to the military, tactical and law enforement communities.

              Purchase the worlds most sophisticated APEL list combat goggle in the world, here.
Made in the USA: