ARENA Tactical Innovations / Technology: Who We Are.

We are in business to provide protection for the men and women who enter the Arena, those who have volunteered to protect our nation, our freedoms and those in need or in harms way.  Our products are the best in world.  We designed them to be the best to safeguard the vision with eye protection that gives these brave men and women a tactical vision edge in life or death situations.  To our service men and women: We at Arena have always done whatever we can to support you, our products are designed specifically for you with patented features to improve safety and optics in a comfortable, wearable, durable system.  Thank you for your service,                                                                                                                                          


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Razorback Patented Venting Vechnology: the premier anti-fogging, anti-dust and debris system, keeping optics clear in every environment.
VS Double Layer Wicking Face Foam: comfortable fit that wicks moisture and debris keeping the lens clear and clean.

OptiWide Lens: Patented design 
geometry provides superior optical clarity and field of vision maximizing clear field of views.
Ballistic Lens: designed to maximize eye protection, held in place with a ballistic frame.  Z87.1-2010. EN166, MIL-PRF 32432.  

BMRF: Patented 360 degree rotating strap assembly guarentees helmet compatibility and comfort.
All components are made in the USA using superior materials.  The most durable goggle available, providing the highest level of protection and value.