Combat Eye Protection

When your life may depend on what you can see 

  • Approved for All Military Combat Operations

  • Superior eye protection features.
  • Combat tested and proven.
  • Best optical ballistic solution.​​​
  • Innovative features, vision edge.        1
    • Anti-fog Razorback ventilation
    • Double layer moisture wicking face foam
    • 360 degree tactical strap assembly
    • Optiwide expanded view ballistic lens
    • Razorback re-inforced ballistic frame
    • Durable, comfortable vision shield .
We proudly serve the Military, Tactical and Law Enforcement communities, and vision anywhere.

 Innovators in combat eye protection, we  proudly serve members of  the military, tactical  and  law  enforcement  communities.  We develop and deliver superior, high  end vision  solutions that  provide value and a  clear  advantage  for our customers, with  durable products  made  with  superior  components and functionally  superior  features.  APEL approved for all military combat operations.

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A Subsidary of Arena Industries 


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